I can’t pretend to understand the logic. Ford, like many other auto manufacturers, has embraced NFC key fobs, allowing you to unlock your car without fiddling with pesky keys. And to demonstrate it, they created one of the most awesome password tools for computers ever—one that has nothing at all to do with cars.

Ford Keyfree is a Chrome extension that stores passwords for Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Then, whenever you’re near your Mac using a pre-approved smartphone, the app can “unlock” these sites automatically via Bluetooth.Your phone serves as your ID, thanks to the unique identifiers already in Bluetooth.

In an actual use case scenario, this means you can sit down to your computer, and without hitting any buttons at all, log in to your social networks. It’s freaking magic.

Ford Schools Apple With Clever Phone Login App…Wait, What?

HOLY SHIT i want this

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  • 2 years ago
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